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Balanced and Restorative Justice Programs (BARJ)

A balanced approach in juvenile justice systems can protect the whole community by working to eliminate conflicts between crime control and treatment opportunities.

NEKYS Balanced and Restorative Justice (BARJ) provides services to youth who are charged with a delinquency, have been adjudicated delinquent, or are at-risk for involvement in the juvenile justice system. The primary goal is to support youth involved in the juvenile justice system by providing restorative interventions that reduce or eliminate repeat offenses.

NEKYS Balanced and Restorative Justice (BARJ):

  • Facilitates Restorative Panels that give victims and community members an opportunity to interact with youth to discuss the harm caused and the action needed to repair the damage caused by the act.
  • Ensures the compliance of conditions of the youth’s probation.
  • Supports youth who are truant or at risk of being truant.
  • Attends court hearings and school team meetings.
  • Conducts home visits and curfew checks.
  • Conducts drug and alcohol testing.
  • Strengthens life skills development such as, conflict resolution, social skills, decision making, community service/leadership skills and effective communication.