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Caledonia County Court Diversion Program

Prevention through Intervention – Helping People and Saving Money through Vermont’s Court Diversion.

NEKYS Caledonia County Court Diversion Program is a voluntary and confidential alternative to the formal court process for certain youth and adult offenders. Individuals who are referred must be willing to accept responsibility for their unlawful actions in order to participate. The program’s goal is to provide opportunities for the individual who violated the law to repair the harm, learn how to address the underlying causes for the violation and empower him/her to make positive life choices.

NEKYS Caledonia County Court Diversion Program:

  • Receives cases on an individualized basis by the local county’s State’s Attorney.
  • Assesses a participant fee at time of application.
  • Facilitates the Diversion Review Board. The Review Board is made up of community volunteers who review each case and decide whether or not to accept the case into the program. If a case is accepted, the Review Board, the offender and the victim (if applicable), design a Diversion Contract. The contract sets out specific conditions to be met in order to make up for the offense and repair the harm done. If not accepted by the Review Board, or if the applicant chooses to not sign the contract, the case is returned to the State’s Attorney for resumed court action. Successful completion of Court Diversion results in a dismissal of charges. Individuals may be required to work community service hours and/or pay restitution to crime victims.

I committed the crime, made up for it through Court Diversion, and now I do not have a criminal record. It was a lot tougher than court, but it was worth it.” – A  Past Participant

Court Diversion was very helpful in keeping me informed as to the status of my case. I am grateful to them for getting restitution for my broken window”- A Victim

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