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Drivers’ License Suspension Program (DLS)

Get your driver’s license reinstated, have your fines and fees reduced.

NEKYS Drivers’ License Suspension Program (DLS) is a voluntary and confidential program. Not everyone is eligible for this program. Individuals whose current suspension is a result of a DUI or certain other serious offenses are not eligible for this program. The program’s goal is to help individuals regain their driver’s license while they pay off their fines.

NEKYS Drivers’ License Suspension Program (DLS):

  • Meets with individuals to develop a contract including a payment plan. Some people may be eligible for a reduction in their debt, and some may provide community service and/or participate in an educational program in exchange for a reduction in fines and fees owed.
  • Upon approval of the contract, payment plan, and other DMV requirements, participants in the program will have their driver’s license reinstated.