NEKYS creates opportunities within the community for youth, families, and individuals to strengthen positive life skills and develop resiliency in the face of adversity.


People who walk through our doors are participants versus clients because participants take part in their own plans.

We remember that youth and families are resilient and strong, and we identify those strengths and positive characteristics by recognizing even the small steps that help families survive and thrive.  We are strength-based. 


We have an open door—NEKYS is a safe place where participants know it is always safe to walk through our door.  We recognize that life is not static, and every time an individual returns, it is understood that the participant is starting from a new point – as are we – because of what has transpired in each of our lives since our last encounter.


Staff recognize that participants are autonomous, independent beings, who also rely on one another for support. What participants want and do makes a difference and matters.


NEKYS attempts to use a restorative framework in all of its programs.


We have many unique people working in programs at NEKYS.  We welcome young people of all cultural and ethnic backgrounds, all religions and spiritual beliefs, people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, straight, gender queer, and transgendered, as well as people with varying physical and mental abilities.  We challenge stereotypes and prejudices, and through ongoing education, we actively attempt to create an environment in which all people can realize their full potential free from the weight of hate and fear.

 *NEKYS serves low-income youth, families, and individuals.

*NEKYS is a 100% smoke free and strives to be a scent free environment.




Northeast Kingdom Youth Services | 24 Bagley Street

St. Johnsbury, VT 05819

Phone: 802 748-8732 | FAX: 802 748-2383