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Pretrial Monitor Program (PTMP)

NEKYS Pretrial Monitor Program is a voluntary and confidential program. The program’s goal is to reduce the high rate of repeat offenders in Vermont.

NEKYS Pretrial Monitor (PTMP):

  • Meets with defendants as soon as possible after an arrest and tries to determine the “root cause” of the defendant’s criminal behavior.
  • Screens defendants to determine if substance abuse or mental health issues contribute to the criminal behavior.
  • Performs a risk assessment and the results are used by the State’s Attorney and Judge in determining bail and conditions of release.
  • Assists the defendant to take steps toward resolving whatever is contributing to the criminal behavior.
  • Refers defendants to take part in a Precharge Monitor Program if selected. During the program the defendant works to correct the cause of the criminal activity with the hope of eliminating future criminal activity. The successful completion of the Precharge Program, which can take up to 6 months, can result in the charges against the offender being dropped.