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Youth in Transition Program (YIT)

Adulthood can be a confusing time for many. We’re here to make it easier!

NEKYS Youth in Transition (YIT) program works with young adults 16-22 who are stably housed and seeking to move forward with their personal goals. The program’s goal is to improve access to mental health service for young adults most at risk of poor life outcomes.

NEKYS Youth in Transition (YIT):

  • Provides case management and individualized service planning.
  • Performs outreach to young adults who are out-of-school and provides support at critical times with the juvenile and criminal justice system.
  • Engages community to promote mental health and reduce stigma towards young adults.
  • Collaborates with adult allies and community partners to build upon the strengths of young adults.
  • Assists young adults in finding employment, filling out college paperwork and enrolling in health care or state aid.

I couldn’t imagine where I would be, if I didn’t receive the one-on-one help that you have offered me. My life today is so great and moving forward.”-Anonymous, 18 yr.