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Youth Thrive

NEKYS is happy to support Youth Thrive and co-hosted a recent training September 27-29th in Lyndonville. 24 youth care workers from across the state came to one of the first open to all practitioners’ trainings. NEKYS staff had previously been trained in the Youth Thrive curriculum in February.

Youth Thrive is a research-informed model from the Center for the Study of Social Policy (CSSP) that combines the most current science about adolescent brain development, trauma, resilience, and the importance of social connections into one framework to ensure young people in our care thrive.

Youth Thrive practitioners work with youth to accomplish these goals through building protective and promotive factors.   In Vermont, we are building the skills and knowledge of youth care workers across the state to improve youth outcomes through incorporating the development of these factors into our care.  Our first line of adopters are professionals working with youth who have been involved with the Department for Children and Families or the Juvenile Justice system, or who are homeless, precariously housed or at high risk.

For more information about Youth Thrive in Vermont go to and look for the youth thrive information on the homepage.